Massage Therapy

In Edmonton

Massage is not just for beauty……..

Though the common misconception may denote that massage therapy is a part of beauty and stress relief, massage therapy is very instrumental in the improvement of bone, joint, muscle, ligament and soft tissue health, that is achieved by manual manipulation and therapeutic exercise. Therefore, while it can be very relaxing and soothing, it also has numerous musculoskeletal benefits. Massage therapy may also be helpful for those living with chronic pain, arthritis, etc. It is highly beneficial in many ways including the fact that this therapy does not involve drug intake which is a big boon in the world of today. In step physical therapy prides itself in having one of the nest massage therapists in Edmonton, Alberta.


Massage Therapy can help you with either one or all of the following:

  • Relieves stress related tension
  • Helps sleep disorders
  • Helps increase blood circulation
  • Helps improve mobility and range of motion
  • Helps in the healing of injuries
  • Helps improve muscle strength
  • Helps improve posture
  • Helps in pain management


In step physical therapy is adorned with physical therapists registered with the Massage Therapists Association of Alberta. Each massage is designed to suit your needs and your physique. The massage therapists are highly skilled and use a variety of treatment modalities including various hands on techniques to manipulate your muscles, connective tissues, joints, tendons and ligaments, thereby, optimizing your musculo-skeletal health and improving your mobility and preventing any obvious causes for re-injury.

Our massage therapists take time to talk to each patient and analyse individual needs and focus on treating your problem areas as best suited to your condition.

Relaxation Massages

The goal is to relax the entire body through various techniques such as long, flowing strokes using light to medium pressure. Your session will address such issues as stress, tension and mild to moderate muscle discomfort. Relaxation massage is often recommended for first time massage clients and is excellent for improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.


  •  Improved Sleep
  •  More Energy
  •  Better Resistance to Illness
  •  Better Concentration
  •  More Patience


Tammy is Registered Massage Therapist specialized in prenatal and postnatal massage,Lymphatic drainage massage and Sports injuries.

Sam Madalang – RMT

  • Registered Massage Therapist
  • Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage
  • Cranial Massage
  • Pre-natal Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a style of massage that is designed to get into the connective tissue of the body, rather than just the surface muscles. A variety of techniques to deeply penetrate the muscles and fascia, loosening them and releasing tension. Many clients have a more intense experience with a deep tissue massage, but also feel that it is more beneficial, because it addresses deep-seated muscle pains. Like other types of massage, deep tissue is most beneficial when undertaken on a regular basis, so that therapist and client can work together to correct long term problems, relax the body, and prevent injury.


  •  Reduces Chronic Pain
  •  Stress Relief
  •  Rehabilitates Injured Muscles
  •  Breaks Up Scar Tissue

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