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Are You Tired of Not Receiving Proper Amputee Rehab? Wait No More

Have you or a loved one suffered from an amputation and have not been able to receive proper rehabilitation? Well look no further, Instep Physical Therapy is just the place for you. With 20 years experience in amputee rehab, a great team, and numerous therapeutic machines we will create a goal centered rehabilitation program personally made for you to make your goals a reality.

What are the different types of upper and lower extremity amputations?


What are the phases
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What Is Incidence of Amputations? And What Are The Most Common Causes of Amputation?

Over 150,000 people undergo a lower extremity amputation annually in the USA alone and over 1.8 million Americans are currently living with an amputation. An individual may be advised to get an amputation based on a wide variety of characteristics, we have provided a few examples and they are as follows: diseases such as vascular diseases like peripheral vascular disease (PVD), diabetes, thrombosis, osteomyelitis, trauma, neuroma (thickening of nerves), frostbite, infection, or even surgery to remove tumors from bones/muscles.

How do you get a prosthetic?

In order to get a prosthetic for your amputated limb you first need to complete physical therapy for the simple reason that it is imperative to regain strength, coordination, and range of motion in the remaining limb. Without these essential physiological adaptations you will lack the necessary skills required to use the prosthetic properly.


At Instep we will ensure that the amputated limb receives proper care and monitoring. With the use of shrinker socks we are able to reduce the swelling of the stump and help mold the limb into a position that will fit in a prosthetic. Furthermore, a personalized at home training program will be designed for YOU to ensure that you are on the right path to getting your first prosthetic.


Instep physical therapy works closely with Northern Alberta Prosthetics and Orthotics to make sure that when you have completed the required physiotherapy you will be able to receive your prosthesis in a duly manner. Instep wants to help you avoid the hassle of trying to get a prosthesis through the hospital by giving you the care you need and deserve to make your rehabilitation goals a reality.


What is the rehabilitation process? And what happens once you have received your prosthetic?

The success of the rehabilitation post amputations depends on numerous factors, including: the level and or type of amputation, the degree of disability, the overall health of the patient, and how much social support the patient has around them. The rehabilitation process includes strength training, balance training, gait training, range of motion, and functional work (sit to stand, transfers, self care).

Once you have received your prosthetic there will be frequent assessments made of the stump to ensure the prosthesis fits properly and that we prevent skin breakdown or irritation. For lower limb amputations we make it our priority to also monitor the other leg as well to ensure there is no overuse trauma.


What equipment do we have? And how can we help you?

At Instep Physical Therapy we have a wide variety of machines and tools to aid with the rehabilitation process. In lower limb amputation a lot of focus will be on balance and strength training of the unaffected limb. The balance training will be done with a physiotherapist in a set of parallel bars. While in the bars we can ensure safety and increase the difficulty by using airex balance mats which will force the body to balance on different types of surfaces. There are also weight training devices in the clinic that will be used to strengthen the muscles surrounding the stump and the unaffected limb.


Are you tired of long hospital waiting lists? Do you feel like just another number on a long list of patients? Are you tired of your concerns not being addressed? Are you doing the same 5 exercises with no progression? Is your stump taking too long to heal? Are you tired of sitting around waiting for your prosthetic? Do you want a rehab program that is designed for you with your goals and concerns set as the main focus?.

Wait no longer, at Instep physical therapy, our team is ready to serve you & your needs. With over 20 years of amputee rehab experience and excellent staff, we will make your rehabilitation goals a reality. Make, the first step to start your journey, call us at (780)4545432 for an assessment.


Amputee Rehab - Instep Physical Therapy in Edmonton

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